Your assignment should be no more than 2-3 typewritten pages with a font of no less than (Arial or comparable) 12 and line spacing of no less than 1.5. Assignment The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent executive agency of the United States federal government tasked with environmental protection matters. It began operation on December 2, 1970, after President Richard Nixon signed an executive order creating the agency. The EPA is not a Cabinet department, but the administrator is normally given cabinet rank. The EPA has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., in regional offices for each of the agency's ten regions, and 27 laboratories. The agency has extraordinary power to write rules and regulations, both of which are significant tools the EPA uses to carry out its mission. These rules and regulations may apply to individuals, businesses, state or local governments, non-profit institutions, or others. The agency conducts environmental assessment, research, and education. It has the responsibility of maintaining and enforcing national standards under a variety of environmental laws, in consultation with state, tribal, and local governments. It delegates some permitting, monitoring, and enforcement responsibility to the states and the federally recognized Native American tribes. EPA enforcement powers include fines, sanctions, and other measures. The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a wide variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and energy conservation efforts. West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (2022) is a case in which a state adversely affected by an EPA policy brought a lawsuit against the agency. You should consider reading a summary of this case by accessing Links to an external site. / Links to an external site., Links to an external site. Links to an external site. Which will provide you with a good "starting point." You should also use a number of other credible primary and secondary sources to complete this task. Your written report should include, in narrative form, the following (in the order provided): Identifying features of the case (the full name and citation of the case and the dates the case was argued and decided). The panel considering this case, the majority and minority factions, and the authors of the various --- majority, dissenting and concurring --- opinions. The legal issue(s) before the Supreme Court. The facts of the case (a thorough discussion of what event or series of events prompted the individual(s) to file the original lawsuit). The Supreme Court's decision AND the reasoning/rationale for its decision. The current application Supreme Court's decision (including a discussion of why this decision is/was important). Your response to this assignment should include the information requested above in six (6) separate, distinguishable narrative paragraphs. In addition, you should use more sources than the source I provided to you above.

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