2.1) To list the ethical issues regarding pain management and cultural beliefs in palliative nursing. 2.2) How would you respond in this situation? 2.3) Explain the role and legal parameters of

families in decision making within palliative care nursing. 2.4) Outline the nursing interventions for this patient based on your nursing observations and assessments? 2.5) As Macey is nearing the end of her life, how can you involve family to care for Macey? How could you support their family? 2.6) Identify professional boundaries regarding communication of services and nursing interventions in the management of a palliative patient? 2.7) On your next visit, you see that Macey is having delirium and is not able to communicate properly. Macey is groaning and clenching. Macey is breathing shallow and mouth wide open, trying to get a breath. Macey is on a subcutaneous syringe drive with pain relief and antiemetics. Macey has not produced any urine for the last 12 hours and has not had anything to eat or drink since the day before. Based on your nursing observation, identify the end-of-life care needs for Macey. 2.8) Reflect on self-care when nursing palliative patients and their families. 2.9) What actions would you take to address this situation? What support is available at the workplace to assist you?