2. As shown in the figure, it is a 3 DOF planar robot with 3 rotational joints. [3 marks] a) Define all the required coordinate systems associated with each joint and derive link parameters based on the DH method. [y-axis direction is given; you have to assume the other axes directions] (0.5 mark) b) Derive the kinematic equations for H3 based on the answer in a). (0.5 marks) c) Solve the forward kinematics problem using the following input data: L₁= 2, L2= 1, L3= 0.5 (m), = {01, 02, 03}T, assume 0₁<10, 15<0₂<50, and 03<0. (1 marks) d) Check your result in c) by sketching the robot configuration. (1 marks) 02 is The coordinate systems of the three-link planar arm

Fig: 1