2True and False: A Gambler's Ruin (10 pts) [True | False] (1 point) The DTFT is sampling the DFT in the frequency domain. [True | False] (1 point) You cannot guarantee that an FIR filter can achieve a linearphase response. [True | False] (1 point) Zero padding adds new information into the DFT. In fact, zero padding will have the same result as sampling the signal more (i.e., a signal with 10 samples and 90 zeros is the same as a signal with 100 samples). [True | False] (1 point) The frequency mapping H(s) to H(z) is nonlinear, where H(2)is obtained with the bilinear transformation. [True | False] (1 point) IIR filters can be designed stable; however, the actual implementation in hardware can be unstable. [Short Answer] (2 point) What is DFT leakage? [Short Answer] (3 points) In a sentence or two, describe the difference between an analog-to-digital converter and a discrete-to-continuous converter.

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