5.11.4. A pump delivers water (68°F) from reservoir A to reservoir B, a water surface rise of 100 ft. The old 1.0-ft-diameter pipe connecting the two reservoirs has a length of 7800 ft and a Hazen Williams coefficient of 90. The pump characteristics are available in Figure P5. 11.4. Perform the following tasks. (1) Compute the system head for Q=0 to 1000 gpm with an interval of 200 gpm by completing the table. Show your sample calculations for one Q value at least. [8] (2) Plot Q vs. HSH by overlaying them on Fig. P5. 11.4 and clearly mark the match point. Directly use Figure P5. 11.4 attached below.[5] Use the graph completed in (2) for the following tasks (3)to (6). Clearly mark your values in the graph directly and interpolate the values if needed. (3) Determine the flow rate. [2] (4) Determine the pump head. [2] (5) Determine the brake horse power. [2] (6) Determine the pump efficiency. [2] (7) Compute the pump output power. [2] (8) Verify that the pump efficiency obtained in (6) corresponds with the pump efficiency obtained from the efficiency equation. [2]

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