A 100 ft steel tape standardized at 68 °F and supported throughout under a tension of 10 Ibs was found to be 100.2 ft long. The tape had a cross

sectional area of 0.009 in? and a weight of 0.03 Ib/ft. The tape is used to measure a horizontal distance (AB) and the measured length comes out to be 300 ft. CALTRANS plans a new ramp to connect Nutwood with US57. The ramp starts from point A (on Nutwood) to C (on US57) wherein point C will be vertically above point B (a current point on Nutwood that will get buried by ramp). The must have a smooth 4% grade, thus the tape will be used fully supported. Determine the correct slope distance to be measured (i.e. length AC) if a pull of 15 Ibs is used and the temperature is 96 °F.

Fig: 1