A Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PT1000) obeys the following equationwhere R_{T}=\left(1+\alpha \Delta T+\beta \Delta T^{2}+\gamma \Delta T^{3 \cdots}\right) RO=1 kohms, a=3.91x10-3, B=-5.87x10-7 and the higher terms can be assumed zero. The thermometer is used to measure the temperature in a water cylinder between 0 and100 °C. The required accuracy is within 1 °C. Which of the following statements is true? A. Thethermometeris linearhence will bewithin therequiredaccuracy B. Thethermometer isnonlinear, butthe non-linearityis low hence willremain withinthe requiredaccuracy C. A look upD.table or othertsuitablecalculation willbe needed tokeep withinthe requiredaccuracy D. None of these

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