An industrial project uses CSI 33 41 13.40. 1,000 L.F. of 36 inch diameter 12 gauge corrugated metal pipe and 500 L.F. of 48 inch diameter 12 gauge corrugated metal

pipe need to be installed.You are a subcontractor supplying the contractor with a crew of B-13 and need to develop a detailed estimate for the bid that will be submitted in 3 days. Since the project is in North Dakota, you need to double the percentages for overhead, contingency and profit. a) Duration (crew days) for 36 inch pipe: b) Duration (crew days) for 48 inch pipe: c) Duration (labor hours) for 36 inch pipe: d) Duration (labor hours) for 48 inch pipe: e) Unit cost ($) for 36 inch pipe: f) Unit cost ($) for 48 inch pipe: g) Total cost of the project ($):

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