Assignment Details


Given what you have learned so far in

the course and from life experience,

which foods should we produce and consume more of

- raw foods or processed foods to wisely feed the

world? Why use both? Defend your choice with

synthesis thinking. Use sources to support your


Work to bring a clear premise with precise reasons

that are supported with appropriate resources. Use

science writing and a style format.

Submission Details

Review Written Assignment Details & Rubric for more


• Upload a text file or use the Text Entry Box.

Citations are expected in science writing.


• Use APA or MLA or Chicago style formatting

for citations and sources.

Grading Criteria

Each writing assignment will count toward 5% of your

final grade. Past experience has shown that students

are able to obtain 8-10 points on a writing assignment

by writing 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the

question, of well thought through information.

• 1 point - Good writing - proper sentences,

spelling, punctuation.

• 2 points - Quality - include real information,

include all the pertinent information, don't

leave the reader with more questions.

• 3 points - Depth - present all facets,

perspectives, considerations; address more

than surface issues with good logic.

• 2 points - Opinions - separate emotions from

substance - recognize when you are speaking

from your emotions and state emotions as


• 2 points - Citations - include citations and

sources for information that came from another


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