Assignment Prompt Write a paper of six to eight pages on one of the following topics. Your pages should contain about 300 words each, and the font should be 12pt. Times New Roman. You If you wish to write your paper on a topic other than those listed, please come to my office hours to discuss your paper idea with me. Please indicate on your paper which question you are answering. You do not have to reproduce the text of the question in your paper. Number your pages! All summary must& nbsp; demonstrate that you understand the arguments-do not depend too much on the authors! Make sure that your paper has a clear thesis, and that you state that thesis at or close to the beginning of your paper. Be sure to answer each question in the prompt. Do not copy and paste the arguments from the PowerPoint into your paper; show you understand them by explaining them in your own words. You are encouraged to use "I" in the paper, so it could be as authentic as possible. Do not use Chat GPA or Al writing generator. 4. What is moral encroachment? Contrast Basu's and Atkins's views of moral encroachment? How might someone object to each of these accounts? Which is more plausible? Do you agree with moral encroachment? Why or why not?

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