Using Bishop's simplified method of slices determine the factor of safety in terms of effective stress for the trial circle in the slope as shown in Figure 4 (Q5). The properties of the sandy soil are as follows: ys = 20 kN/m³ and o = 30°. Divide the slope cut into at least four slices. Show your values for the heights of the slices andfor a, the inclination of the base to the horizontal both graphically and in a table with the additional information that you need to make the calculation for the factor o fsafety. Full calculation is required for two slices ONLY. F_{s}=\frac{1}{\sum \sin \alpha w} \sum\left[\frac{\left[(w-u b) \tan \varphi_{c n i}^{\prime}\right]}{\left(\cos \alpha+\left(\tan \varphi_{c r i i}^{r} \sin \alpha / F s\right)\right.}\right] (b) If the slope of interest is associated with cohesive soil explain the effect of tension crack likely to have on the slope slip.

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