Consider the feedback control system below. The transfer functions of the blocks in the diagram aregiven as follows: G_{c}=K_{c} \quad G_{v}=1 \quad G_{p}=G_{d}=\frac{1}{(s+1)} \quad G_{m}=\frac{1}{(5 s+1)} Using the block diagram above define and give examples of the following variables: 1. Controlled variable (CV) 2. Manipulated variable (MV) 3. Disturbance variable (DV) or "load variable" b)Determine the transfer function Y1/Y1sp. c)Determine the transfer function Y1/D. d)How is the error E computed? e)Determine the characteristic equation of the block diagram. f)Find the values of Ke for which the closed-loop system produces stable responses.

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