Determine the points of intersection between the circle, x2 +y2 = 3, and the hyperbola, xy = 1. As shown in the plot, there are four roots. However, it is enough to find only one root because the others can be deduced from symmetry. a) Solve the system of equations using the Successive Substitution method,starting with the initial guess xo = 0.5 and yo = 1.5. Show two complete iterations. b) Solve the system of equations using Newton-Raphson method, starting with the initial guess xo= -0.5 and yo =-1.5. Show two complete iterations. Evaluate &s for the second iteration. c) Solve the system of nonlinear equations by calling the MATLAB function newtmult. Yoursolution should achieve an accuracy of 6 significant figures. Report the solution, number ofiterations and errors.

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