Each student is required to write a paper on any subject discussed in this class, or any subject pertinent to safety in the manufacturing or construction industries. The subject matter should be relevant to safety in the workplace. One approach is to describe the recognition of a hazard and its elimination or control, and how and or why an injury took place or was prevented, what was learned from the situation, etc. If you are looking for a topic contact me. I keep safety magazines in my office that can get you started. The target length for the paper is four (4) pages of single spaced text, 12-point font. Additional pages of pertinent graphics, photographs, etc. can, and probably should, be included. Turn It In will be used to verify academic honesty. Don't just summarise one of my lectures. Do some research. The best papers teach me something I don't know./nThe topic for the paper is - Safety in high-risk industries- Investigate safety measures and best practices in high-risk industries such as mining, oil and gas, or manufacturing. It should have Abstract Introduction Examples or case studies Conclusion References Please don't use AI for this assignment. If caught you will be failed in this course

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