[25 marks]

Assume X litres of liquid fuel leak into a circular, X m² area and ignites and as you aware "the

hot gases rise, cold air will be entrained into the plume, causing a layer of hot gases to be

formed under a ceiling".

In order to make the assignment individual for each student, refer to table 3.3 of the Enclosure

Fire Dynamics text book and choose one of the fuels listed. Students can also assume the

amount in litres of fuel and the dimension of the circular area after confirming with the Module


Read Chapters on Energy Release Rate and Fire Plumes and Flame Heights from the textbook

by Karlsson, B., and Quintiere, J. G. (2000). Enclosure fire dynamics. CRC Press, Boca Ranton

and answer the following questions.

Using equations 3.5 and 3.6, calculate the energy release rate.

What would be the duration of fire?

Calculate plume mass flow and centre line temperature at a height of 5m using all the

different plume equations which you have studied in the course FV 3001 (Module

lectures were prepared based on the above book). Students are expected to comment

on the differences in values.

And finally, you need to write about why understanding fire plumes, flame heights, and

ceiling jets is significant for a fire safety engineer. You need to include relevant examples

in your report. (The approximate word count for this particular subtask is 300 words.)

Note: Providing only the calculation without commentary or analysis of various fire plume

values in the report is not acceptable.

Fig: 1