Exercise 1.2: Open the Lab 1 Digital Map: and answer the following questions. You may also access this map from Canvas. Go to the Fullerton College Bookmark. Using the Measure Distance Tool, answer these questions: 1. The Red Pushpin is the location of the library. Imagine that you were to exit the building (blue pushpin) and walk to your car (green pushpin). You can only walk along the sidewalk until you get to the parking lot. How far is it in feet from the building's exit to your car?______ 2. You need to drive from the blue star to the orange star. What is the difference in miles if you take N. Berkley Ave versus N. Lemon St. and Nutwood Pl? How accurate are your measurements? Let's find out. Change the Basemap to Imagery and go to the Valencia High School Bookmark to measure the length of the football field. Note: Football fields are 100 yards between the goal lines. I marked the goal lines in yellow on this image: 3. How close were you to the actual length? Return to the Fullerton College Bookmark (with Basemap as Imagery). 4. Using the measure area tool, measure the area of the field I labeled. How many sq. feet is it?

Fig: 1

Fig: 2