Figure Q4 shows a beam, loaded at leftmost position A with 30KN, loaded in the middle with 100kN and a final load at the rightmost position E with 30kN. The beam

is constructed from two types of plates, as shown in the figure, of lengths Y=2.4m and Z=2.2m. There is a left reaction force of RB at position B and a further right reaction force at RD at position D. Calculate the Bending Moment value (using the convention given to you in the module's formula book) at a position of x=5.3m. State your answer in terms of kilo-Newton-metres to one decimal place. 30 kN A Ym X = ? B Zm 100 kN с Zm Figure Q4 Bending Moment Value? D Ym 30 kN E (5 marks)

Fig: 1