For the above gas turbine (question 1), it has been decided that for efficiency improvement some changes are required. You have been given task of helping the organization, as a consultant. Can you recommend practical changes that can lead to efficiency improvement? One of the researchers at UA's Mechanical Engineering Department, came-up with an idea of integrating above gas turbine with a steam powered cycle, so that end combination would be combined power plant cycle. It was also recommended to use a simple ideal Rankine cycle operating between the pressure limits of 6MPa and 6kPa,for ease of calculations. Steam is heated in a heat exchanger by the exhaust gases toa temperature of 550 degrees C. The exhaust gases leave the heat exchanger at 400K. Use appropriate assumed values, where required. Gas/Steam tables available with you could be used in these questions. Being a consultant, you have been asked to evaluate this approach Can you give details of efficiency improvements by taking above approach? Also give details of numerical method used to calculate improved efficiency?

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