In House Assessment- Mechanica Figure 1: AC-101 Aircraft Design The AC-101 aircraft has been developed as a multi-purpose aircraft with the following specifications: Cruise Altitude Maximum Altitude Empty Weight Maximum Take-Off Weight Range Maximum Take-off Roll Maximum Deceleration under Braking Minimum Landing Roll Cruise Velocity Maximum Velocity Maximum Structural Loading i. Wheel locations ii. Wheel installation and fixation arrangement iii. Suitable bearing arrangement RESTRICTED 700m AMSL 1500m AMSL Revision: 1 40 kg 50 kg 150km 200 m 0.8g 1. Problem 1 aircraft consists of a standard tricycle landing gear arrangement for which the front landing gear needs to be detailed. on the layout given in Figure 2, determine: a. The maximum load on the front landing gear module. b. A suitable diameter and material for the Front Landing Gear Axle. C. Given the Wheels specified in Figure 3, propose a suitable design for the axle. Include at least the following: 10 m. 140km/h 160 km/h Vertical: -3g/+5g Lateral: -1.5g/+1.5g Axial: -1g/+1.5g/nMo 62mm 70mm KAGRISD 550mm 35mm 64mm Figure 2: AC-101 Landing Gear Arrangement Aluminium hub rubber wheels 735mm New Aluminium hub rubber wheel SIZE 5.00 - AL 1050mm CNC Aluminium hub rubber wheels Dis Dimm 127 RESTRICTED Figure 3: Front Wheel Specification 02 REMARK

Fig: 1

Fig: 2