In the principles section of your response you are to list and briefly explain the following considerations in beginning physical activity. Briefly explain each of the following: 1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. 2. The need for appropriate clothing. 3. The need for appropriate footgear. 4. Physical Activity in the heat and cold. 5. Heat Related Injuries. 6. Water vs. sports drinks 7. Soreness and injury. 8. Muscle cramps. 9. The three parts of a work-out. 10. The Rice Formula. This is the first part of the three part response. Implications In the implications section of your response you are to discuss your personal approach to beginning physical activity. How might your attitude affect your starting physical activity? How might you overcome a negative attitude? You may respond to this section by referencing any related source, but Corbin also provides good references (pgs. 53 to 55). This is the second part of the three part response. References The Corbin text and/or any additional sources may be used as a reference. This is the third part of the three part DQ response.