It Gets to You a Read the article from Dr. Lawerence Miller, "Dealing with the stress of criminal investigation: "It gets to you", then write two-paragraphs discussing: • How working in sex-crimes affects officers and what they do to combat stress. You should apply the article and at least one scholarly peer-reviewed resource to your writing in the form of both paraphrasing and direct quotes using correct APA in-text citations) After you complete your initial response to the discussion question, respond to two peers' responses. Your responses to peers need to include your thoughts on what they wrote, what you agreed or disagreed with, and positive suggestions for further review. Both responses to peers should be at least one paragraph. Submission Details • You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers. • Initial Post should be two-paragraphs in length (note: a paragraph for the purpose of this assignment is defined as 5-9 complex sentences about 150 words in length)

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