Problem 2 (20 pts): A thin-walled tube (closed-cap) is made of a unidirectional composite with fiber oriented at 45⁰ to its axis as shown below. The tube has a radius of

r= 50.0 mm and a thickness t = 1.0 mm. The tube is to be loaded under combined internal pressure P = 1.0 MPa and a torque of T = 780,000 N-mm. The strength data for the lamina are: X=2800 MPa; X = 1600 MPa; Y₁ = 80 MPa; Ye280 MPa; S = 90 MPa. Please evaluate whether failure would occur using 1) maximum stress criterion; 2) Tsai-Hill criterion; 3) Tsai-Wu criterion; and 4) Hashin's criterion. (if you use computer programs your solution must include code and outputs) WIE

Fig: 1