Problem 2. (a) A tachometer has an analog display dial graduated in 5 rpm increments.The user manual states an accuracy of 1% of reading. Estimate the uncertainty in the reading at 10 rpm, 500 rpm and 5000 rpm. (b) A certain obstruction type flow meter (orifice, venturi, nozzle), shown in the following figure is used to measure the mass flow rate of air at low velocities. The relationship describing the flow rate is: \dot{m}=C A \sqrt{\left[\frac{2 g_{c} p_{1}}{R T_{1}}\left(p_{1}-p_{2}\right)\right]} where, * C = empirical-discharge coefficient. * A = flow area * T1 = upstream temperature * R = gas constant for air * Pi and p2 = upstream and downstream pressures, respectively. Calculate the percent uncertainty in the mass flow rate for the following conditions:

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