Question 2:Choose the correct statements from theoptions below.There may be several correctstatements,but you won't know how many.Ifthere are N correct statement,you will get 5/Nmarks for each correct statement you choose,but you

will lose 5/N marks for each incorrectstatement you choose.Your score won't gonegative.O When the refrigerant goes throughevaporator/condenser,a pressure dissipation maytake placeO The purpose of the expansion valve is to reducethe pressure and so decrease the temperature ofthe liquidO At the outlet of the compressor,the refrigerantshould be in the gas phaseO In an ideal heat pump,the compression is anisenthalpic processO A heat pump can be used as an air conditioningunit with a suitable valve to reverse the hot andcold reservoirsO The primary function of a heat pump is to extractheat from a low temperature source

Fig: 1