As Bo was helping one of the lambs, the Big Bad Wolf (“Wolf") slithered into the pasture Assault Battery O Assault & Battery O False Imprisonment O Conversion O Trespass to Land O Trespass to Chattels O No Intentional Tort Read through this fact pattern and try to identify any potential tortious conduct. Once you have read through the document –complete the multiple-choice assignment on Blackboard. Little Bo Peep (“Bo") was busy tending her sheep in the sheep pasture that she had rented from the Farmer in the Dell. As Bo was helping one of the lambs, the Big Bad Wolf ("Wolf") slithered into the pasture, grabbed two of Bo's sheep (each worth approximately $50.00)and ran away with them. Bo, a former high school track star, sprinted after Wolf to retrieve her sheep. However, before she could catch up with him,Wolf gobbled down one of the sheep. When Bo caught up to the Wolf, she reached out and grabbed his arm to stop him from eating the remaining sheep, roughly jerking him around to face her. Wolf stumbled and fell,breaking his arm. Bo threatened to bash Wolf with her Shepherd's staff if he moved an inch. She was holding him until the local law enforcement arrived. Bo used her cell phone to call her husband, Little Boy Blue (“Boy Blue"), as well as the police. The police arrived right away and arrested Wolf for larceny.In the meantime, Boy Blue, upon hearing the tale from his wife,jumped into his car and sped to the meadow. Unfortunately for Boy Blue,he failed to pay attention and rear-ended the car in front of him, which was stopped at a red light. The driver of the car, Jack Sprat (“Jack") was not hurt, but his car was severely damaged. Jack became enraged and jumped out of his car. He ran up to Boy Blue and punched him in the face,breaking Boy Blue's nose; Jack continued to pummel Boy Blue even after Boy was lying helplessly on the ground. A witness to the accident, Little Miss Muffet ("Miss") grabbed her semi-automatic pistol and ran up to Jack shouting, "If you don't back off of him, I'm going to shoot you in the arm!" Jack, fearing for his life, backed away from Boy Blue, and Miss put her gun away. The police arrived, arrested Jack, and called an ambulance for Boy Blue. Boy Blue ended upon being fine, except for the broken nose.The next day, Bo went looking for Jack Sprat. She saw Jack walking down the street. She confronted Jack, shook her shepherd's staff at him and yelled, "I ought to break your nose for what you did to Boy Blue!"Jack backed away, mumbled, “I'm sorry", and took off running in the other direction. When Bo went home and told Boy Blue what she had done, he grabbed her in a bear hug, crushed her to his chest and planted a big kiss on her lips! Bo exclaimed, "Ouch, you're hurting me!" and Boy Blue immediately apologized.

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