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Question 2 (1 paint)If there are 100 people at a site, a reasonable number to interview would be? 05O 10O 25O 80

3. If an auditor identifies an internal control weakness for an assertion, how does it affect the audit strategy? If the auditor identifies an internal control strength for an assertion, how does it affect the audit strategy?

Presented with an audit engagement at a nuclear power plant, which is a highly regulated and controlled industry, the auditor would likely immediately consider the audit risk to be "high" with respect to what category? ) Detection risk O Control risk O Material risk Inherent risk

The result of an extcrnal audit of an environmental management system it is rarcly a"fail" because O Audit criteria aregenerally very easy in the realm af environmental management O Evidence of non-conformance is difficult to obtain Auditors will not complete an audit where the overall result will be negative Minor non-conformances are common

Assume you are on an audit. What sort of evidence would be best to answer thisquestion: Is there an evacuation procedure? O Documentation C Observation O Interview

Results of the evaluation of the collected audit evidence against audit criteria [M Are audit findings O May indicate nonconformity May indicate conformity OAre reported publicly

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