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Intelligence testing in the United States has historically been based on the assumption that intelligence is innate. This allows proponents of its use to discount the importance of education as a mediating factor. However, as it is recognized that education is the key to social mobility, the quality of education is a critical factor in deciding one's ability to succeed in life. In part, the quality of public schools is tied to the revenue base of real estate taxes levied against the residential and business buildings within a supporting school district. While there have been innumerable curricular reforms introduced over the years to improve the quality of public education, there have been far fewer attempts to overhaul the basic funding of public schools. (Vermont is an exception.) This has meant that disadvantaged communities have fewer opportunities to make up the educational deficits of their students. Why do you think the underlying funding of public schools has seldom been redressed? And secondly, what reforms might you suggest to equip public schools to address the educational deficit of disadvantaged communities?

Portfolio Task #3: Integrating Quotations (5%) Your Task: Demonstrate your ability to quote relevant passages of text, to integrate those text references in your own sentence, and to correctly cite and document those text references.

Part 1. After reading the article that I've called "Professionally Going Braless," write one or two paragraphs (total about 225 words) that answers this question: Should female servers have to wear a bra while working? Why or why not? Write a persuasive paragraph(s) that either supports or knocks down Geneviève Loiselle's argument. In your argument, use the CAR technique, and if you use any information from the article, be sure to cite it using MLA format, like this (Lastname page) or (Robb 2). You do not need a Work Cited though! 2. Would things change if the server were very large-chested? Why or why not? Explain in 2-5 sentences.

Part 2. Read "Ain't I a Woman." If you had to write a rhetorical analysis of this speech, what would your thesis statement be, and which three rhetorical appeals, techniques, or devices would your analysis focus on? Start with what you see as the strongest rhetorical appeal, explain whether you think the appeal is effective or not, and quote a brief example of the rhetorical element.

Create a Poetry Book Select two poems that you like (these can be from any poetry books you have read, or "poetryfoundation.org". They must be school-appropriate) and do the following: ▪ Include the poet's name(s) ▪ In a short paragraph (approximately 5 sentences), explain why you like these poems ▪ In a short paragraph (approximately 5 sentences), explain what the poems are about

ASSIGNMENT: You are to choose a novel over the next week that you will be responsible for reading ON YOUR OWN time. This novel must be approved by the teacher: it must be of acceptable length (200 pages); it must be of an appropriate reading level; it cannot be a novel that is studied in any other course; and it must be a novel that you are reading for the FIRST time. Choose a novel that interests you and one that you will be able to analyze in terms of plot structure, characterization, and theme. If the book does not interest you, you will find it difficult to complete the required tasks. Avoid choosing biographies or any non-fiction pieces as these will not be suitable for the assignments required. The final goal for this project is that you be able to market your book to an interested clientele. If you are not excited about your choice, how will any one else be able to buy in to your sales pitch? 1. Proposal (1 page single-spaced) You must choose a novel that meets the requirements described above. Complete and type an organized proposal in the format of a chart. It is to include the title, author, genre, an overview of the novel, reasons for choosing it, a time management plan, and a Work Cited page. If your proposal is rejected, you will have 3 days to choose another novel and submit a new proposal.

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Which animals do not actually work on the farm beyond directing and supervising others? the cart-horses the rats the dogs the pigs The animals finished their harvest in how many days less time than it usually took Jones and his men? one day four days three days two days True or False? The animal's first harvest was the biggest harvest the farm had ever seen. True False What are some things the animals enjoyed while running the farm without human beings for the first time? more food and leisure taking long baths and reading novels milk and eggs with every meal wearing the farmers' clothing and listening to music Which character starts work before the others and adopts the motto, "I will work harder!" Muriel Mollie Boxer Snowball Which character regularly sleeps in each morning and leaves work early each day? Jesse Old Benjamin Napoleon Mollie Which character can never be found when there is work to do? the cat Snowball Boxer Napoleon When asked whether he was happier now that Jones is gone, which character says, "Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey"? Muriel Old Benjamin Clyde the Donkey the cat What is pictured on the flag the animals hoist every Sunday morning after breakfast? A painting of Boxer a tail and a snout a hoof and a horn a cart and a shovel The animal's flag is green to represent: the green asparagus which used to rot under Mr. Jones how green with envy humans will be over Animal Farm the green fields of England the green thumb the animals appear to have What do the animals call the general assembly where they plan out the work for the week? The Agenda Two minutes of hate The Barn Briefings The Meeting Which animals put forward resolutions for the animals to debate and vote on? Moses neighboring human farms the pigs the smartest dogs What room do the pigs set aside as a head-quarters for themselves? * The harness room The farmhouse The attic of the barn The milking room True or False? Snowball and Napoleon, the most active debaters, almost always agree. True False Which character organizes all of the animals into what he called Animal Committees? Napoleon Snowball Squealer Benjamin Most of the committees were failures except for: * the Clean Tails League the Wild Comrades' Re-education Committee the Whiter Wool Movement reading and writing classes Which animal can read as well as any pig but doesn't care about reading? Benjamin Clover Mollie Muriel Which animal refuses to learn any letters beyond those which spell out their name? the cat Benjamin Mollie Muriel Because so many animals can't read, Snowball reduces the Seven Commandments to a single maxim, which reads: Make Manor Farm great again Death to man! All hail Animal Farm! Four legs good, two legs bad! Which animals love to recite the maxim of Animalism, and never grow tired of it? the birds the ducks the sheep the hens After Jessie and Bluebell have nine puppies, which animal takes them into seclusion for the purpose of "education"? Jessie Squealer Napoleon Snowball Which animal announces that all of the milk and apples will go to the pigs from now ? Napoleon Squealer Snowball Muriel What do the pigs claim will happen if the apples and milk are not reserved especially for them? Mr. Jones will come back The pigs will starve The crops will die

Connect each item to its allegorical comparison. hammer and sickle Soviet Propoganda Dept. Leon Trotsky

MCQ questions What phrase do the pigs add to the Sixth Commandment after the executions? In addition to the anniversaries of the Rebellion and the Battle of the Cowshed, on what other occasion will the animals now fire the gun? What is one of the new titles the pigs invented for Napoleon? * What is Pinkeye's job? Who did the animals prefer, Pilkington or Frederick? In this chapter, the animals change their slogan of "Death to Humanity" to a new slogan. What is it? Squealer is able to convince the animals that Snowball was never decorated as "Animal Hero, First Class." Upon the completion of the new windmill, Napoleon announces that it will be named: To whom does Napoleon finally sell the pile of timber? What do the animals discover regarding the bank notes used to purchase the timber? Who attacks Animal Farm in this chapter? What do the attackers do to the windmill? After driving off their enemies, what do the animals call the battle? Who does Napoleon decorate with the "Order of the Green Banner" honor after the successful battle? The morning after the pigs come upon a case of whiskey, what does Squealer announce to the animals? Napoleon pronounces a solemn decree: the drinking of alcohol was to be punished by ________________ At the end of the chapter, Napoleon announces that the grazing-ground set aside for retired animals will now be used to grow __________________ What phrase does Squealer add to the Fifth Commandment?

Directions: Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. "Malcolm X" 1. In paragraph one, what does wicked mean? 2. According to paragraph one, why did Malcolm's family have a difficult life? 3. In paragraph two, what does burglary mean? 4. According to paragraph three, why did Malcolm X become famous? 5.According to paragraph four, why did Malcolm leave the Nation of Islam? 6. In paragraph five, what does this refer to? 7. In paragraph one, the word murdered means hated. 8. In paragraph two, the phrase dropped out of means quit. 9. In paragraph two, the word educate means to teach. 10. According to paragraph two, Malcolm X was twenty-five years old when he left prison in 1952. 11. In paragraph three, the word if refers to bad people. 12. According to paragraph three, the "X" is used because of American slavery. 13. In paragraph three, the word adopted means chose. 14. According to paragraph four, Elijah Muhammad taught Malcolm that true Muslims were brothers and sisters.. 15. According to paragraph four, Malcolm changed his name to Al Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz while still in America.

Novel: Life of Pi BY Yann Marle In this learning activity, you will be creating a reading journal for your novel.  Part of the work involves practicing and applying the transferable skills you have developed as critical thinker and self-directed learner. Your reading journal will be worth 20% of your course mark.

ENG4U INDEPENDENT STUDY UNIT: Independent Novel Study Need to do 500 words outline and 1500 words essay following all the instructions For this independent study unit, you will read an approved novel of your choice. The book is The war of the worlds by H,G wells

What effect do Buddhist influences have on Transformative Justice? Is Buddhist practice enough to overcome eating disorders? Are all Buddhists truly non-violent? How can non-attachment relieve suffering in relationships? What can we learn from the Buddhist concept of interbeing, and can it help us address climate change?"

How many animals on Animal Farm get to retire when they reach old age? O zero O one O two O twenty How do the animals use the windmill? O to generate electricity O to mill corn O as a museum to honor Napoleon O as a jail for dissidents What does Squealer do with the sheep? O He sheers them all to make winter clothing for the pigs O He slaughters several of them to make mutton chops O He teaches them a new song O He poisons several of them and blames it on Snowball What inspires Clover to produce "terrified neighing"? O She sees Squealer walking on two legs O She notices how fat Squealer has become O She sees Napoleon eating bacon O She spots Boxer's footprint in the field and is overwhelmed with memories of her Friend After Squealer works with them, the sheeps' cry of "Four legs good, two legs bad!" has changed. What is their new mantra? O "Four legs good, two legs better!" O "Pigs are Gods!" O "Two legs good, four legs bad!" O "Napoleon is watching!" When Benjamin and Clover visit the barn wall to read the Seven Commandments, they notice a dramatic change. How many commandments are there now? O One O Four O Ten O None What do the pigs begin to carry in their trotters? O swords O guns O whips O bullhorns What happens to Mr. Jones's clothes? O The pigs wear them O The pigs burn them O The pigs turn them into patriotic flags O The pigs turn them into cots for them to nap in What does Mr. Pilkington say about Animal Farm? O He is surprised by how much food the animals have on the farm O He is amazed that so many pigs and dogs are able to live in luxury without working O The lower animals on Animal Farm do more work and receive less food than any animals in the country O He is shocked by the spirit of license and indiscipline on the farm What happens to old Major's skull, which the animals once marched past every Sunday morning? O Napoleon moved it to his bed stand O Napoleon wears it as a mask when he delivers speeches O it disappeared O the pigs buried it What does the Animal farm flag look like at the end of the novel? O a picture of a pig riding a horse O a plain green flag O a flag donning Napoleon's face O a picture of a windmill To what does Napoleon change the name of the farm? * O The United Socialist State of Animals O Manor Farm O The Farm O Napoleon Farm As the animals watch the humans and pigs quarrel over a card game, what do they notice about their faces? O It is impossible to tell the pigs and men apart O They notice expressions of pure evil on their faces O Both the pigs and humans have bad poker faces O They are amazed at how many warts both the pigs and men have on their faces

Part D. Theme and Literary Devices: As you read your novel record possible themes. Record the page numbers of the quote evidence which support your suggested themes. For your good copy you will be required to provide an implicit analysis of the theme of your novel using quote evidence from the novel.

Part C. Character Sketch: Joint down point form notes about your two main characters for analysis. Record the page number of quote evidence to support your analysis. For your good copy your will be required to convert your notes into paragraph structure and provide an implicit analysis of your characters using quote evidence from your novel.

Part B. Plot Graph Analysis - See Attached Plot Graph: For the good copy you will be required to convert your point form notes into paragraph Format

Reading Response Planning and Rough Note This portion of the ISU is often the most time consuming for students. Use this planning package to aid in your organization and completion of your Reading Response Notes. Part A. Vocabulary: Record 10 unfamiliar words below and the page number – for the good copy, you will also require the definition of the word and sentence it was found in.

Story should include a magical hook. Following elements: There should be a problem in a story and then in the end that problem should be solved magically by a hero of the story. • Magic.... ● Unique Setting... • Magical Forces. • World Building. • Fantastical Characters. • A Dangerous Quest. • Mythical Creatures. A Heroic Adventure. ... ● Power Structures or Hierarchies.... • Otherworldly Creatures. ... ● Relatable Themes. ... • Unique Language.

"My heart sank. But I was tall for my age, and strong. I gathered Tom in my arms and hoisted him over my shoulder. And then I started off, wobbling my way down the hill. Already I felt exhausted, but I didn't dare rest. I had to keep going." Use the prompts... 1)A story element I see is ________. For example, it says, 2)This part is important because it shows...(200 words explanation) 3) This is developing the idea that ________ because later __________

In this learning activity, you will be creating a reading journal for your novel.  Part of the work involves practicing and applying the transferable skills you have developed as critical thinker and self-directed learner. Topic- Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel

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