Gas Dynamics

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2. What is the main purpose of using steam trap?

5. Give two application of ejector and educator in industries

The production history and fluid properties as a function of time and average reservoir pressure from the X-sand Gas reservoir in Algeria are given in the table below. The reservoir's believed to be under the influence of water drive which is entering the reservoir at a constant unknown rate (Qw) where We = (Qw)(t) and t is the time. The reservoir temperature's 160 °F. The gas gravity is 0.625 and it contains 5 mol % CO₂ and 4 mol% H₂S. Calculate the initial gas-in-place (G₁) in SCF. \text { What is the value of } Q_{w} \text { in } M \mathrm{ft}^{3} / \text { day? } Calculate the amount of water which encroached the reservoir (We) in bbl after 730 days.

Consider 5 kg of air initially at 101.3 kPa and 38°C.Heat is transferred to the air until the temperature reaches 260°C. Determine the change of internal energy, the change in enthalpy, the heat transfer, and the work done for (a) a constant-volume process and(h) a constant-pressure process. Use SI units.

(10 marks)A 0.040612 m3 tank contains 3.0 kg of water vapors at 373.95 °C. Determine the pressure of the water vapors in MPa,using: (a) The ideal-gas equation, (b) The generalized compressibility chart

Converging-diverging nozzle is designed to produce a Mach number of 4.5 with air. a) What operating pressure ratio (prec/pi inlet) will cause this nozzle to operate at the first, second, and third critical points? (20 points) ) If the inlet stagnation pressure is 9 bar gage, what receiver pressures represent operation at these critical points? (20 polnts) c) Suppose that the receiver pressure was fixed at atmospheric pressure. What-inlet pressures are necessary to cause operation at the critical points? (10 d) Fill the following table (10 points)

12. What is the different between ejector and educator?

6.In general, when the motive fluid is a gas and the produced vacuum is used to evacuate or to vent a vessel orsystem, I would use the word Ejector. a. True b. False

When the flow direction has slightly deflected the attached shock-wave is formed O TrueO False

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