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The project description: As a programmer, you have been asked to write a Java console application, using OOP and JDBC concepts, for a Students Information System with the following requirements: ? -The database name (in MySql DBMS) should include your last names of the group members such as: StudentsDB_AlHarby_AlDosary -Create a database table using a name that contains the name StudentsTBL and your first names such as: StudentsTBL_Amr_Mohamed -The database table should include the following fields with their data types and constraints: -ID: Integer, Not Null, Auto Increment, Primary Key -FullName: Varcchar(40), Not Null -DateOfBirth: Date, Not Null -GPA: Float, Not Null

1) Undo/Redo Button Using a Stack Addcode to the start method to set up the initial board position (look it up online).

Complete the Java code space number 4:

Consider the following weighted graph G on thirteen vertices: Use either Kruskal's or Prim's algorithm to construct a minimum spanning tree for G. What is the weight of the minimum spanning tree?

4) Execute the flips on the game board.You can do this by calling the draw lmage() method in a loop.

Download the file “Assignment_trace_802_11.pcap" from Moodle. In this trace file, we'll see frames captured from transmission between devices communicating via a wifi network.Once you have downloaded the trace, you can loạd it into Wireshark and view the trace using the File pull down menu, choosing Open, and then selecting the Assignment_trace_802_11.pcap trace file. The resulting display should look just like the figure below: 1. What are the SSIDS of the two access points that are issuing most of the beacon frames in this trace? 2. When was the first HTTP protocol issued? Give the time in seconds from the beginning of capture. 3. Find the (channel) frequency in MHz? 4. Find the data rate in bps? 5. Find the type of the frame? (data, control, or management?) 6. Find the SSI signal in dBm? (signal strength/antenna signal) 7. Find the SSI noise in dBm? (noise level/antenna noise) 8. Find the frame length in bytes? 9. What is the source MAC address (in hexadecimal notation)? 10. What is the destination MAC address (in hexadecimal notation)?

1. Write a program (in java or any other language) to access and manage the contents of database tables. Follow the following steps to set your computer for the assignment and accomplish the goal. a. Download the University database from the class textbook website and load it to your local MySQL database server. b. Load the simple data set. smallRelations InsertFile.sql c. Download the database driver ( for java language) set it up with your system select flatform independent zip file d. Create a Java program to display the content of any table in the database. When the table name is given, it should display the content of the table. i. Program should ask the table name to display when selecting the display data option from the main menu. Then display the content of the selected table. e. Add the functionality to insert record to the instructor table. i. User should be able to select the option to insert data from the main menu ii. User should be asked to enter each column data one after the other and once the final column data is inserted, it should insert the data to the department table. f. Add a main menu item to select set of classes of a given instructor i. Program should ask the instructor id to display the classes of the instructor. ii. The program should list the classes that the given instructor teaches in the current semester. Instructor may have previous records of teaching in previous semester, we do not need to display them. g. Add a main menu item to add a class to an existing instructor i. User should be able to insert the instructor id to who you need to assign a class ii. The user is presented to enter the class information. You must insert the information in corresponding relation/s.

There exist 8 resources in the system. The current system state is as follows Is this allocation safe, and if yes give one safe state and justify your answer?

Complete the Java code space number 10:

Question 3: Write a program to get the grades of five students and get an average of them.

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