The final grades of forty students were randomly selected,recorded and inputted intoMINITAB.The results are summarized in Exhibit 1 below.One-Sample Z:GradeTest of mu=85vs≠8SThe assumed standard deviation =5.25VariableNMeanStDevSE MeanGrade40875.25iCalculate the value of *ii.State

the null and alternative hypotheses for the testin.What is the value of test statistic for this test.?iv.Calculate the p-value for this test.3333V.State the conclusion of this test.Give a reason for your answer.b)A machine fills cans with soft drinks so that their contents have a volume of 330ml.Overa period of time,it has been established that the volume of liquid in the cans follow anormal distribution with mean of 335 ml and standard deviation of 3 ml.A setting on the machine is altered,following which the operator suspects that the meanvolume of liquid discharged by the machine into the cans has decreased.He takes a randomsample of 50 cans and finds that the mean volume of liquid in these cans is 344.6 ml.Doesthis confirm his suspicion?Test at the 5%level of significance.[]

Fig: 1