Value Creating one discussion and posting one reply will contribute to your participation mark for the course. Background In this module you learned the importance of using your communication strategies to relay information. In this forum, you'll practice using the SBAR technique to relay information and reflect on strategies you'll use in your healthcare career to relay information. Instructions PART 1: Please watch the first video below and use the SBAR method to convey the information learned in the nurse-patient interaction. Although the scenario is rather nurse-focused, and may be complex in nature, the idea behind the video is simply to practice relaying information. The use of SBAR, and the information contained, will be different depending on your area of practice. For example, a unit clerk may be relaying different information than a nursing staff member or a medical office assistant. SBAR is a great foundation from which to relay information to others in an accurate, effective, and professional manner. Play Video PART 2: Compare the information you communicated with the video below.