Who? Who is in this community? Specifically, who does it include? Be detailed and specific in your observations. What? What does this community do? What are they? What are their shared interests? What kinds of insider knowledge possess? What language and terms do they use? What seems important to them? Where? Where does this group exist? Where do they go? Where can you find this group? What does/do this/these places look like? Be specific about location and specific surroundings. Why are these settings significant? When? When does this group get together? Why is the time significant? What events take place so that this group is together? Again, be specific about the circumstances and actual time that this group is together. How? How does this community interact? How do they communicate? What are the rules or codes of the group? How do insiders act vs. outsiders? Why? Why are these elements important to the community? Why do they seem to talk about the things they do in the way they do? What can you tell about the community overall? Why do they value what they do? Why are they together as a group and why do they interact in this way? What do all of these elements show about the values of the individual and the community?