You have two parts to write: Part 1. After reading the article on "Why Are We Dressing Our Daughters Like This?" write a minimum 150-word persuasive paragraph that answers this question: Has today's treatment of young girls improved, stayed the same, or become even worse than the problems discussed in this 2007 article? Your paragraph should try to use several persuasive strategies that we discussed this week in lecture. Part 2. In about a 200-word paragraph, analyze and critique the persuasive strategies of the article, "Debate of Horror Films and Youth." In other words, identify persuasive devices and techniques in the reading and explain what you think works and what doesn't work. Does this article convince you, or not? Why or why not? This exercise is almost identical to the upcoming analysis assignment to help you practice "rhetorical analysis." Our Wed. lecture (will) also provide a model for how to do a rhetorical analysis.