8.73 The purpose of this problem is to investigate the signal currents and voltages at various points throughout a cascode amplifier circuit. Knowledge of this signal distribution is very useful in designing the circuit so as to allow for the required signal swings. Figure P8.73 shows a CMOS cascode amplifier with all de voltages replaced with signal grounds. As well, we have explicitly shown the resistance r, of each-of the four transistors. For simplicity, we are assuming that-the four transistors have the same g and r,. The amplifier is fed with a signal v,. -) Determine R,, R,, and R,. Assume gr, »I. Determine i,, i, i,, i̟, iş, i̟, and i,, all in terms of v,. If v, is a 5-mV peak sine wave and gmr0, = 20, sketch and clearly label the waveform of v1 v2, and v3.

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