Assignment - 1

Word limit 250 - 300

Read page 190 in your textbook regarding food cooking methods

and watch the above video in order to answer the questions below

Scenario: You are working at a hospital and your supervising

physician just asked you to conduct patient education with "Mrs.

Jones" about improving nutrient intake on her limited budget. She

currently eats out frequently and when she eats at home, it's usually

a packaged meal. The vitamins and minerals pamphlet that you

usually use to explain how to cook foods to retain their nutrients is

missing. Remembering what you learned in this class, you tell her:

Which vitamins are fat soluble and which vitamins are water soluble

and why their solubility matters during food preparation. (See

section 8.1d on page 190)

What foods she can select that will increase her nutrient intake

Explain to Mrs. Jones has a few habits or techniques she can use

when storing and preparing food to maximise its nutrient content.

Provide Mrs. Jones with one or two meal examples using the

principles you showed her above.

Fig: 1