1. Consider a three-phase power system with one-line diagram shown in Figure 1. The three-phase trans- former between CBs 1 and 2 (CB: circuit breaker) nameplate ratings are listed: 5MVA, 13.8A-138.0YkV,

the transformer reactance X₁1 = 3.80 (viewed from low voltage side 13.8kV, resistance is negligible). The impedance of the transmission line between CBs 3 and 4 is ZL1 = (10+j100). -(50 pts) (a) Pick up SB = 100MVA for the entire three-phase system, and rated voltage VB = 138.0kV, calculate the per-unit line L1 and transformer impedance values. (b) If an SLG fault occurs at the midpoint of the line (L2) between CBs 5 and 6, which breaker(s) should operate? If the CB 5 or CB 6 does not operate, which breaker(s) will provide the backup protection? (c) List the operating CB(s) for different zones, which are listed in Figure 2. (d) If the second generator is connected at bus 3, the system (generators, buses, and transmission lines) is protected by overcurrent relays R1 to R12. Assuming the directional overcurrent relays are used for three transmission lines, what is the remote backup relay(s) for R7? And why? G Generator mm www Transformer - GSU Bus 1 depending on which breakfas Bus 3 Transmission line L1 Shunt Reactor L3 Shunt Capacitor Figure 1: A three-phase power system. Bus 2 Distribution Transformer Feeder

Fig: 1

Fig: 2