HOMEWORK PROBLEMS [To turn in for grading] The internal combustion engine (ICE), both spark-ignition (i.e., gas fuel) and compression-ignition (i.e., Diesel engine) has been the main source of propulsion for our

transportation system for the last 100 years. But, due to the harmful effects of its emission on the environment, there is an ongoing push to relace it with electrified propulsion, which is driven by battery power. However, there are ongoing research to modify ICE or use different fuels to power it in order to reduce the emissions to a desirable level. Based on the above, investigate the following items under consideration, analyze any related issues, discuss possible solutions and trade-offs, and provide recommendations. 1. There are many recent developments in the design of the current of ICE (gas or Diesel). Identify 3 such advancements and describe in no more than 3 slides each. 2. Identify 2 types of entirely new alternative-fuel (not a gasoline or Diesel blend) ICE technologies under investigation; for example, hydrogen-powered ICE. Then, identify their applications, advantages, shortcomings, and key technical attributes, etc. Summarize your findings in no more than 5 slides each. Present your work in a PowerPoint presentation format; refer to Appendix A for details. Upload a soft copy on Canvas before the deadline: a. Upload your native electronic PPT file onto Canvas; PDF or scanned photocopies or photographed pages are not accepted. b. In addition to the PPT file, you can upload a PDF copy of you file to ensure the formatting is preserved in cas the PPT file get distorted. c. Use the following file name convention: AUE 400_HW_XX_YYYYYYYY.zzz, where the bolded characters are: XX is the HW number, YYYYYYYY is your Uniqname, and zzz stands for the appropriate file extension (e.g., pptx, pdf, etc.). This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. Each student must submit their own work in order to receive credit.