Instructions Part A: You will find an excel sheet attached. Ch1 homework data set.xlsx A survey asked three questions to pet owners: 1. How many pets do you own? 2. Do you like cats, dog, or neither cats nor dogs the best? 3. How much time in hours does your pet(s) stay home on average per day? Create an appropriate graph for each question using Minitab. Identify what type of data is obtained from each question (qualitative, quantitative discrete, or quantitative continuous). Use one pie chart, one bar graph and one histogram. Copy the graphs to a word file and indicate which type of data near the graph. You can copy graphs from Minitab and then paste them into a word document and then you will be able to write in the type of data that each is. Note: Histograms are good for continuous data because the bars do not have spaces between them, and continuous data does not have jumps between numbers. Part B:

Fig: 1