ITM 300 - Lab 5 - Vendor Selection

The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate your ability to select a software vendor that best meets the requirements outlined in Lab 4.

Current Situation

● Acme manufacturing is located in Kansas City, MO

● Total employees - 200

○ 50 office employees, e.g. CEO, Sales, Finance/Accounting, HR, IT, Legal, Engineering

○ 150 employees in manufacturing

● Revenue - $50M annually

● Product

○ Specialty project used in construction

○ Weighs 4 ounces

○ Inventory held in 3 warehouses, east, mid-west, west

○ Product is $5/unit, the average sale is 20 units ($100)

○ Product sold via company website (credit cards) or telephone orders (purchase order)

○ Products sold in domestically in the US only (no international sales)

○ Discounts offered to loyal customers


● You have now created your 8 high-quality requirements from Lab 4. The goal for this lab is to recommend a software vendor to meet your requirements. Use the following table to present your work:

Fig: 1

Fig: 2

Fig: 3