Maple Lab #3: Project Remember to submit a detailed lab report including an introductory description on the lab's main goals and concepts. Include also a list of the main commands you learned and what they're used for, as well as the correct syntax. Make sure each exercise should be well explained by paragraphs. Remember to use restart before each problem to make sure your variables were not previously assigned. 2 1. Enter the functions f(x, y) = √ (x − 2)² + y² + √(x + 2)² + y² and g(x, y)=√(x-2) compute C = dg əx 2 2 2)² + y² -√(x + 2)² + y as expressions. Then a²g and L af ду 2 + 𐐀х og evaluated at (a,b). მ 2 dy 2. Plot the graph and the contour plot of the function 2 f(x, y) = y +√√√x² + (y-2)². Discuss the shape of the contours and any local minima and maxima of the function. Notice that f is the sum of the distances from (x, y) to the point (0, 2) and the line y = 0.

Fig: 1