POIRS430 - The Middle East in Global Politics Essay Questions • For this task you need to select ONE of the following questions and answer it. • You are required to complete the essay by the due date and submit it through the relevant Turnitin link on iLearn. • The essay must be 2500 words (including footnotes but not including the bibliography) and include a bibliography of at least 12 scholarly sourc less or more words will be penalised. • Make sure you double space your essay and indicate clearly which question you are answering by writing the question out in full at the start of your essay. • The essay will assess your ability to research literature, form a thesis, analyse the available material and then present a coherent and compelling argument as an academic essay. • Students are expected to do their own research. The basis of this material should be academic works i.e. chapters in edited books or academic articles in recognised journals. • Please do not quote from my lectures. • Wikipedia, and similar web-based resources, are not acceptable sources for the essay. Essays not submitted by the due date are subject to the faculty policy on late submissions. ources. Essays with 1. "Access to oil is the main reason Europe and the US are involved in Middle Eastern political affairs." Discuss with reference to historical and current events. 2. Has Islam been a source of unity or fragmentation in Middle East politics and International Relations? 3. "The Israel-Palestine conflict is both a regional and international political crisis." Discuss with reference to IR theory. 4. "Orientalist perceptions of the Middle East have determined how Western powers since World War II have dealt with the Middle East". Discuss. In your answer refer to two case studies only.