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| Problem 3: Consider the amplifier schematic shown in Figure 3. This is called a folded cascode amplifier. The transistors are biased such that 21B splits equally between the two transistors. Please use the following parameters wherever necessary for your calculations: IB=2mAlmA, VDD = 1.8V, μnCox 140μA/V², μpCox 60μA/V², V™n = 0.4V, and |VTp = 0.5V, n = 0.1V-¹, and p = 0.2V¹0.1V-¹, unless otherwise specified. Ignore channel length modulation except for parts (d), (e), and (f). (a) Determine the range of values of R3 for which M₂ is in saturation. Vin R₁≤ "에 M₁ VDD 21B R; Yout M₂ -VDD Figure 3 (b) Determine (W/L)2-, assuming overdrive is 0.5V. (c) Assume that (W/L): 40 and dDetermine the range of values of the ratio R₂/R₁ that keeps M₁ ON, and in saturation. Assuming that (W/L)₁ = 40, determine the ratio R₂/R1. (d) Calculate the gm and ro for both transistors. For the rest, assume that R3 = 200 Ohms and that the capacitors are shorted for ac signals (e) Calculate the gain (numerical value) of this amplifier. (f) Calculate the output impedance (numerical value). (5+5+5+8+4+3 = 30 points)

-The message signal m(t)= 2 cos 400t + 4 sin(500t + ) modulates the carrier signal c(t) = A cos(8000 nt), using DSB amplitude modulation. Find the time-domain and frequency-domain representations of the modulated signal and plot the spectrum (Fourier transform) of the modulated signal. What is the power content of the modulated signal?

2.1 A power-type signal x(t) is passed through a filter with impulse response h(t). Assume the Fourier transform of h(t)is H (ƒ). Define the time-average autocorrelation function of x(t) as R¸ (7) = lim ſ™½¸ x(t)x* (t−7) dt . The power spectral density of the signal x(t) is defined as T→∞0-T/2 the Fourier transform of the time-average autocorrelation functionS (ƒ) = F[R₂ (7)] x(t). LTI -y(t) h(t) Prove that the power spectrum density of the output y(t)is S₁ (ƒ)=S₂(ƒ)|H (ƒ)³².

\text { Consider the continuous-time signal } x_{c}(t)=4 \cos (2 \pi 1000 t)+6 \cos (2 \pi 9000 t) \text {. } a) Assume that this signal is ideally sampled with a sampling frequency F, and then ideally reconstructed by passing the sampled signal through an ideal low pass filter with cutoff frequency F. = F:/2 and gain G = T. Sketch both the sampled and reconstructed signals in the frequency domain and obtain a time-domain expression for the reconstructed signal. i) Fs = 10,000HZ ii) F, = 1000H z b) Repeat (a) if the cosines are replaced by sines in the equation for xe(t), i.e.,= 4sin(2 pi 1000t) + 6sin(2pi9000t).

In the circuit above, what are the states of the two LEDs in the circuit when 'SW1' is pressed?

s) Textbook problem 2.18

Laboratory protocol - LAB # this document is for guidence only. You will use this document to register all your work during the Laboratory pratical sessions.

Given lpss = 12 mA and |V₂| = 6 V, dDraw a probable distribution of characteristic curves for the JFET (similar to the graph given in problem 5. You can use Shockley's equation).

The message signal m(t), whose spectrum is shown in Figure P-3.18, is passed through the system shown in that figure. The bandpass filter has a bandwidth of 2W centered at fo, and the lowpass filter has a bandwidth of W. Plot the spectra of the signals x(t), yı (t), y2(t), y3(1), and y4(t).What are the bandwidths of these signals?

Problem 1: Consider the circuit shown in Figure 1. This is called a "telescopic cascode" amplifier. Assume that all transistors are in saturation. Do not ignore channel length modulation. Assume that all nMOS transistors have small signal parameters, gm,n and Ton, and all pMOS transistors have small signal parameters, gm.p and ro.p. Assume that gm,xfo,x >> 1 for x = n, p. (a) Calculate Rout. (b) Calculate Vout/Vin. (c) Calculate the range of values for Vout such that all transistors remain in saturation. Assume that all nMOS transistors have the same overdrive, Vod,n = VGS,n - VTH,n, all pMOS transistors have the same overdrive, Vod,p = VSG.p -, and the supply is VDD. (5+5+5= 15 points) VGH Vin" T J 4 M2 MI Figure 1 Vout

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