The body of a racing car deflects the surrounding airflow so that the flow into an air inlet is at an angle 0. the inlet flow is diverted into two (dual)carburetors in a duct system. The parameter p = V3/V2 , where V, and V3are the air velocities into each carburetor, is defined. Other dimensions of the duct are given below. Assume the racing car drives at sea level with air density = 1.21 kg/m. Duct height at one carburetor H3 Inlet air angle 0 Constant duct width (into the paper) W Duct height at inlet H, Duct height at one carburetor H2 p= V/V2 Outlet velocity V2 a) Find the inlet velocity b) Find the mass flowrate into the duct c) Find the volume flow rate into the duct

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