This Thanksgiving Week I would like you to use your family members to conduct an extrasensory perception (ESP) experiment by selecting one of the family members to be a victim/subject. You will need to prepare by drawing a circle on one small piece of paper and drawing a square on another sheet of the same size. The sheets have to be identical, so no one can tell which one is which.When ready, perform this experiment 20 times:Randomly select the circle or the square and place it in the subject's hand behind their back so that it cannot be seen, then ask the subject to identify the shape (without seeing it); record whether the response is correct. Test the claim that the subject has ESP because the proportion of correct responses is significantly greater than 0.5.All calculations must be done by hand. Show test statistics and find p value, then make conclusions in plain english and explanations should be about a page long. Do not make up data. I would like you to have fun with this and learn some statistics along the way.

Fig: 1