1. [5 pts] Construct the glucose-insulin regulation model in Simulink as outlined in Fig. 3. The parameter values shown in Fig. 3 are the values of a normal adult. Set the Simulink model to run simulations for a total duration of 24 hours. Although Simulink generally assumes time to be measured in seconds, the units of the model parameters give time in hours-so, you can treat the durations you enter into Simulink as hours (instead of seconds). The initial conditions of normal blood glucose and insulin concentrations are 0.81 mg/mL and 0.055 mU/mL, respectively. These initial values of blood glucose and insulin concentrations should be set in the respective Integrator blocks (shown as in Simulink). To set the initial values in the integrator block, double click the block to open the Block Parameters window. Enter the initial value (e.g., 0.81 for glucose) in the Initial Condition field, and click OK. Run a simulation for a normal adult (Subject N) over 24 hours without any external glucose input (i.e., U(t) = 0). Show the graph of glucose and insulin concentrations as a function of time as 2-by-1 subplots i.e., the glucose concentration is the top subplot and the insulin concentration is the bottom subplot. Label all axes. You may plot using the Scope in Simulink or plot in MATLAB using the simulation results that are sent to MATLAB Workspace. Save this Simulink model as "glucose_N.slx".

Fig: 1