1) Break the word down into its morpheme (if applicable); 2) Next to each morpheme, write F for Free or B for Bound; 3) Next to each bound affix, write D for Derivational and I forInflectional. a. Inequality b. Unconceivably c. Tidiest d. Blackberries Using the following set of Phrase Structure Rules, draw syntactic trees for the sentences below. Please attach the pictures to this document by saving your picture and then clicking Insert -> Picture. Alternatively, you can upload them on Blackboard where you also upload this Word Doc. S à NP VP NP à {(Det) (Adj+) N (PP), PN, Pro} VP à (Adv) V (NP) (PP) VP à SV S PP à P NP 1. My cousin from Boston has an accent. 2 Mary sang a metal song 3. Your friend believes I like her.11 4 He met a bov with vellow eves

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