3. A hydraulic backhoe excavator is excavating the basement for a large building. The heaped bucket capacity is 1.5 cu yd. The material is common earth with a bucket fill

factor of 0.9.Job efficiency is equivalent to a 50-min hour. The machine's maximum depth of cut is 24 ft,and the average digging depth is 13 ft. The average swing angle is 90°. The cycle time for the excavator is 25 seconds. Some of the cut soil from the building project will be used for an-earth-fill dam that requires a compacted volume of 64,000 yd. The soil weighs 2,500 lb/LCY,3,100 lb/BCY, and 3,500 lb/CCY. Estimate the hourly production in loose measure and the working days of the excavator required to complete the earth-fill dam. (note. 1 day = 8 hours)

Fig: 1