Gender Empowerment Mixtape After our whirlwind tour of Gender, Sexuality and Feminisms, here is your chance to find your own example of music that takes on any issues, covered or not, but related to this section. We'll make our own (virtual) mixtape ! (the only wikipedia link I'll ever give ya!) Write a post that includes all of the following: 1. Title/artist/date produced for the song 2. Link to video or audio of the song- for accessibility's sake, please include text to lyrics and/or closed captioning whenever possible 3. As a courtesy, give folks a heads up of potentially controversial/triggering content, so they can proceed accordingly 4. Your analysis of this song- 1. How is this song related to issues of gender, sexuality, feminism or any other topic related to this section (covered in the last three weeks)? 2. Provide your analysis of the positionality of the artist (who are they- with what gender/ethnicity/nationality/etc. do they identify). How does their positionality impact the message? (are speaking from their own place of experience or as an ally?) 3. Do you find their analysis/discussion of the issue compelling? Specific examples of what they depict or are discussing? 4. Does this song work towards creating greater justice in your opinion? Why or why not- explain thoroughly.

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