Question #6: In the October 3, 5 PowerPoint, identify three images featuring idealized figures, and three images featuring more realistic, non-idealized ones. Important note: these images should be ones that have not been discussed in class before in connection to the notions of idealization or realism. They should not appear in the "Pose and Idealization" section of the September 28 "Perspective and Idealization" PowerPoint, nor should they be accompanied in any other PowerPoints by slide text that refers to idealization or realism. Please check before making your selection. For this question, you need not support your choices. Question #7: The September 28 bonus PowerPoint on "media and techniques" gathers the slides in which the mediums of fresco and of oil painting were discussed. Choose from the October 3, 5 PowerPoint two images that do not appear in the "media and techniques" PowerPoint, one painted in fresco, one in oil paint. In 40-50 words each, discuss the visual characteristics of fresco and of oil painting, respectively, as reflected in the works you have chosen.