Summary:-In this project interest of minimizing the heat energy required for heating the air to kill corona virus at 200-degree Celsius. This project having two heat exchanger HX1 & HX2, need to design that heat transfer is maximum. Use both methods NTU and LMTD method to calculate the required area of the heat exchanger, both get the same.Approach to the work:- first, we calculate the velocity of flow rate by using the given data volume flow rate and cross sectional area, and assume that flow velocity of air overall system is the same.Calculate the mass flow rate of air and as well as water, and calculate heat capacitance of both.Heat capacitance(mc) of both fluids is the same, hence the heat capacity ratio is 1.calculation of overall heat transfer coefficient by assuming that the heat transfer coefficient of air and water are shown in the calculation page.At last, calculate the required area of heat exchanger which is 19.328m2.For calculation of the number of row tube we assume that length of the heat exchanger is 1m,the number of row tube is to be equal to 19 tubes, the same process are used for heat exchanger The key concluding remark:-the number of tubes is 19 of 17 cm radius, single row.the required area is equal to 19m2.

Fig: 1